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The Moretti Family firmly believes that hard work, honesty and fairness do always pay. Our First responsibility is towards all those women, men and children using our products and services, and we believe that distributing and preparing high-quality glasses and lenses is an obligation towards all of them.

We strongly believe in respecting the dignity of all our customers irrespective of their buying potential; the service quality and the attention we give to every person must never, and never will, depend on the money they have, or how many products they can buy.

We believe in honesty and we believe that if erring is human, then acknowledging an error and doing as much as possible in order to amend, it’s a moral and ethic obligation.

We believe in fair profit, which should be humane and moral, and we believe that every product must have a price that is correctly proportioned to the actual quality it offers.
We believe in professional and humane education, in the constant updating of both our cultural means and practical instruments and we Believe that investing in the development of the company is essential in order to offer high-level services.

We believe in our collaborators and we deem ourselves responsible for their actions during work. We also deem ourselves responsible for the environment that surrounds us, meant as the city housing us, and as a community of individuals, and we Believe that it’s our duty to give a part of what we received.

We believe in the future because, good or bad, TOMORROW will always come and we Believe that it’s possible to face every occurrence only if we’ve given our best through our TODAY. This is what every day leads us to open our doors and welcome the people that choose to come and visit us.
Moretti Family